Western Ethiopia
December 6, 2018
Eastern Ethiopia
December 6, 2018

Duration : 14 days
Transportation : Drive
Destination :Arbaminch, Lake Chamo , Awassa ,Dorze village ,Jinka , Mursi ,Turmi ,Konso ,Yabello , Yirgalem

The southern cultural route usually known as Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia is a little visited area of Ethiopia containing several of the most vibrant and fascinating tribes and ethnic groups. The charming costumes, colorful rituals and celebrations, arts, crafts, music, local market and dance of the Dorze, Konso, Ari, Benna, Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Geleb, Arbore and Borena people are special ones to name a few. In the Omo Valley region many of the tribal groups have changed little over hundreds of years and they offer the visitor extraordinary insight into a variety of traditional cultures. On the trip, you get truly off the beaten track, exploring little visited villages and vibrant tribal markets of the Southern Ethiopia.

The lower valley of the Omo unlike any other place on Earth has the largest diversity of ethnically different groups in the whole of Ethiopia and possibly in Africa. A voyage to the Omo Valley is a true expedition to encounter some of the most remarkable tribal peoples on Earth! To this day, the Omo Valley remains rich in traditional culture and human history. It’s been said: “If Africa was the mother of all humanity then the Omo River acted as a main artery!” The valley is also rich in paleo-anthropological fossils; the latest hominid remains to be discovered date back over four million years in the Omo Valley—evidence of an almost continuous “human” presence. More than ten different languages are spoken (excluding dialects) .Experts believe that for thousands of years it was a crossroads of a wide variety of cultures where early humans of many different ethnicities passed as they migrated from and to lands in every direction. To this day, the cultures and people of the Lower Valley of the Omo are focus of study for their incredible diversity, driving through the Great Rift Valley with the chain lakes and boat trip make trip unforgettable.

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